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In my first life, I had the husband, kids, cats, and house, and I had my business on the side. Then everything fell apart and I had to shake the dice again.

In my second life I had a fun little single phase with me and my kids and fewer cats, and then we met Gary and his kids and his cat.

Now I live in the Seattle area with my Gary, several teenagers, lots of cats, and a ferret.

My little side business has evolved into a real business where I am here today, doing what I can to help my people conquer their technology.

It is my joy to help you gain the technical skills you need to grow your business and focus on your vision. Let’s talk about your email, files, calendars and contacts.

The Luxcentric Why

It all began when my grandmother asked me to help her learn how to use the computer. She was 80 at the time and it is because of her (In a variety of ways) that I am doing what I can to help anyone, no matter their technological skill, get control of their technology situation. She encouraged me to share my ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple steps and normal language.

She gained Heaven in June of 2016 at age 92 and even near the end was able to stay connected with her people, follow her interests and passions online and do the everyday things that become much easier with access and skill in the online world.
    • My mission now is to help professionals gain the technical skills they need to grow their business and focus on their vision. Luxcentric is dedicated to training, using practical strategies, in the area of the core technologies. EMAIL – FILES – CALENDARS – CONTACTS

Don’t let your Technology Bully You!

    About the Luxcentric Business

They say your business is your baby. From pregnancy (the early planning stages) to graduation (when it must stand on its own), and beyond, you will be wildly surprised where the journey takes you.

In the beginning, Luxcentric started with a variety of sputterings and miscarriages and a desperate desire to create something that would help support my family as I cared for my biological babies.

I am not from corporate, I didn’t leave a high paying job to start a brave new venture. I tinkered and failed and got up and tried again. Before even starting Luxcentric I began several “bootstrap businesses” AKA started a business without investing dollars. These all came to varying degrees of failure invaluable education. It has taken a long time (more than a decade), but Luxcentric grows stronger and more viable every year.

I have a frame on my wall that a friend gave me when I was having a hard time with stuff. I look at it often and it still holds true.

“She wasn’t where she had been,
She wasn’t where she was going,
but she was on her way”

      • If you are willing and interested, let us travel back in time and see what that journey has looked like so far. In sharing this I hope to inspire you to get up and try, and fail and get up and try again to see your vision grow.
      • Silly Yoda, there is always TRY! but there is no QUIT!

    The Nicole and Luxcentric Time Machine


Luxcentric is designed to offer a support system for professionals to gain the technical and computer skills they need to move forward with their vision. My clients come to me for VIP training on email, files, calendars, and contacts. We also work on some technology troubleshooting in these areas and the Luxcentric.com website offers online trainings in both the FREE Conquer your Tech Membership and more detailed trainings in the On the Path Membership.

Check out the super cool Operation: Inbox Zero Online Workshop

Luxcentric members can also get FREE support from the Tech E-Training program through EMAIL and the Facebook Group Tech E-Training

In the future, there will be more trainings and deeper support options. Please, join in and check back often.

    2017 The Launch of Luxcentric.com

Caffeinated Communications gave Luxcentric a whole new look, a grown up brand, and a solid foundation in which to grow. Luxcentric.com went live to not much fanfare and a bit of tweaking and tinkering still to go before it became what it is today.

    2016 Building the Luxcentric Brand

With the guidance of Caffeinated Communications we began work on the Luxcentric website and brand based on my vague vision for what Luxcentric should be and how services should be presented.

With the encouraging support of Gary and the kids, I was able to take the leap and build the foundation needed to take Luxcentric to its full potential.

Also, during 2016 I spoke at the BAM (Business Success Summit) and presented the very new Operation: Inbox Zero presentation. It was a great success and triggered launched several BETA tests of the group program for Operation: Inbox Zero, which has become the flagship product for Luxcentric and the model for future programs.

    Building a Foundation for Family

In 2014 – 2015 I met and married Gary and we merged our families and became 3/4 of a Brady Bunch. We spent our first year dedicated to building a foundation for the success of our new family.

While it was a crazy idea to merge 4 teenagers, add in cats and a ferret and funiture, we somehow managed it with very little drama. I am grateful everyday for this family blessing.

    The Dark Times of a Life Being Reborn. (cue dramatic music)

During 2012 – 2013 My personal world was falling apart and professionally I was getting my legs.

Due to money troubles, communication troubles, and a variety of distressing things, my marriage of almost 20 years fell apart and I moved up to the east side of Seattle and began to build a new life. I needed a secure and predictable income and was able to find contract work for a financial planner as a tech admin.

What was a very difficult time in my life became the catalyst I needed to really narrow in on what kind of life I wanted for myself and my children.

    The Value I Learned Back Then.

Between 2009 – 2011 My children were in school full time I needed to ramp up my ability to earn money and started to help small business owners with the admin work that so many professionals need help with. This lead to helping them with their tech. I had no idea that this work would save me in the future when my world fell apart.

Tinkering with the computer and programs like Outlook and Gmail and such has always been an obsession of mine. Figuring these things out is like working on a puzzle (one of my favorite things). To my surprise, I found that the professionals I was helping didn’t really like that sort of thing. A bit of a lightbulb went on in my head back then, I had a skill that was of value!

    The Path that Lead me Here

It seems so just a bit ago that my grandmother asked me to help her with her computer. This truly was the trigger the started Luxcentric. Back in 2005 my baby was about 2, not quite in preschool, and she and I would go to my grandmother’s house and have lunch and do computer lessons. Together, My Grandmother and I created guide sheets she could follow when we were not together and I learned how to show her how to do things in a way that she could relate to.

After about a year she looked at me and said: “Honey, you should go do this for other people.”

From that Luxcentric was born. I got a business license and secured the luxcentric name. My little one was in preschool and I had time here and there for a new adventure.

During the next couple of years I offered computer tutoring for seniors, my average client age was 85 and one of my most popular classes was “How to use the Mouse”. It was an extremely fun and rewarding adventure, I would teach computer classes at retirement communities and sit with seniors during private sessions and taught them everything from how to play Solitaire to how to grab pictures from Facebook and upload them to Costco to order prints. We would chat and have tea while complaining about where the country was headed with all this computer stuff.

It was during this time that I really understood how frustrating it can be to watch how easy it is for “other people” to do a computer thing and not be able to do it yourself. With just a few sessions my people were able to maneuver around the internet, send email to their friends and interact with the world through Facebook.

The joy and confidence these computer skills gave them are supremely rewarding to me, and it continues to be as I now focus my training on solopreneures and professionals. (I do still sneak in the occasional beginner from time to time).

    How My Past Shaped My Future

Before starting a family worked at a low-income apartment complex for seniors as the assistant manager. Working in that building brought me a good deal of joy as I made friends with the seniors who lived there. That foundation allowed me to understand how to work with the retirement communities that eventually hired me to teach computer skills to their residents.

I became a mother for the first time in 1996 and my world changed forever in an amazing way. In my family, being a stay at home mom was the most blessed thing possible for a mother. My mom, (a recently retired kindergarten teacher), was the kind of mom we think of when we think of when we want to be a stay-at-home-mom. Kind, fun, dedicated, available, she has always been the kind of mom I wanted to be. So naturally, I wanted to give the same kind of focus to my children.

I have since realized that there are many beautiful and varied ways to be an amazing mom. At the time, however, I was filled with disappointment and guilt when I needed to get a part time job if I wanted a better environment (a house) for my family.

In 1998 I was hired on with a bank when online banking was just starting to be a thing. It was in that job, the one that took me from my baby, where I learned how to guide people through technical challenges over the phone. Despite my desire to stay home with my children I really enjoyed that job. That was as close to “corporate” as I would ever get and I was just a cog in the call center machine and was laid off after about 2 years.

We learn skills in our past that prepare us for our future. Answering questions, troubleshooting technology weirdness, and talking people off digital ledges became a thing I excelled and thrived at. That skill lead me to be available and useful to my grandmother and the other seniors in the retirement communities I taught at and now I use those skills with my clients every day.

After the bank, and once we purchased a house, I again wanted to stay home with my children. So I tried a number of work-from-home mom things that gave me a fantastic amount of experience and education, but not so much in the income department.

I studied graphic and web design but had no idea how to market my skills (and wasn’t particularly good at the design part either)

Did a brief stint cleaning houses (very brief)

Tried my hand at writing fiction. I have 2 very bad novels hiding in storage and will never see the light of day.

My neighbor invited me to open a used bookstore with her. She provided the funding and my children and I worked 2 days a week in the store and learned what it was like to run a location based business. This is when it really became clear to me that I didn’t want a location specific business even if I could bring my children with me. I left the bookstore in 2005 as Luxcentric Computer Tutoring started to take more of my time and my children were both in school.
Our history shapes who we are and who we can become. Everything I have enjoyed and endured in my life has helped me become who I am today and how I can contribute in a positive way to this world. I hope you will be able to see in my story how important your story is in your life.

    See you around the Internet,

Nicole Lux-Ritchie - Founder of Luxcentric
Nicole's mission is to help professionals gain the technical
skills they need to grow their business and focus on their missions.
The focus of Luxcentric is on training practical strategies in the area of the core technologies.