Create a Glitch Station

Quick! Look! It’s doing that thing again! And now it stopped. There are so many times when the technology does something weird one minute and then stops when an “expert” comes around. Don’t you hate that?! I feel your pain. Here is what you can do. When your computer is doing something odd, stop, pay attention, and take some notes. Sometimes just slowing down will reveal the problem. This will also give you a chance

Importing Your Contacts

In the blog post “Export Your People to Safety” we talked about creating a CSV backup file for your contacts. Yay backup! Now what? Once you have your backup organized the way you want, you automatically have a copy of your contacts list in a format that other contact organizing platforms can understand. This “backup” file has just become a whole lot more useful. With it you will be able to upload your contacts to

The Great PDF

…and why it’s the best format for Opt-In Freebies PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The beauty of this format is that it is a fixed format. There are exceptions to this fixed format feature, but that is a more advanced form of PDF creation and I won’t dig into it here. The benefit of a fixed format is that once you design a document to look the way you want it to your viewer’s

The Rhythm of a Good Task List – Part 2

In the last post, The Rhythm of a Good Task List – Part 1, we talked about the things that matter in a task list. This time we will talk about how to use your task list to support you in actually completing the tasks you need to complete. Let’s do this in the simplest way possible. Set a planning day and time Use this time to play with your list. This is a thing

The Rhythm of a Good Task List – Part 1

It is what we do that matters. Not what we think or wish or hope for, it is what we do. Not a question of should, it is question of how There are many ways to manage the things we need to get done each day. Countless books have been written and programs (apps) created to keep us on track. Naturally, I love this. As a compulsive list maker, I have scoured the known universe

The Secret Life of PowerPoint

Many of us grew up with Microsoft. Even though some people hate Microsoft, there is something familiar and comforting about it. For those of you who already have Microsoft Office for your Outlook, Word or Excel you also have Powerpoint. You may have even been using it to create the slides for your presentations, so you should be familiar with some of its features. Are you using PowerPoint to its full potential? Did you know