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Operation: Inbox Zero Initiation

The goal with email is to get through it; and respond to those who need responses,
do what needs to be done, save what needs to be saved
and delete what needs to be deleted.

Inbox Zero is not a new concept, but what does it really mean?
Why is it so important? Is it even possible?
And how is it accomplished without worry or stress?

During this presentation, you will learn concrete skills that you can implement immediately!

  • Organize your email system so that nothing is missed or falls through the cracks.
  • Learn quick and easy techniques to get through your email fast!
  • Have a clear plan for how you can make your email system obey you.

This presentation includes an interactive follow along handout so everyone will have a memorable and actionable plan to follow for their next battle with email.

    This presentation is offered within the Greater Seattle area in Washington State to groups of 7 or more or online as a webinar. The presentation runs about 20-40 minutes

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